Friday, May 6, 2011

Mental exhaustion + physical exhaustion = 1 whipped me!

Sorry I haven't been on here for about a has been a mentally/physically draining week.  I tried (oh how I tried) to complete Asylum's Speed and Agility today but my speed was not up to par and my agility, let's just say when you go into this workout with about 3-4 hrs sleep, it ain't happening!  I had to stop after 30 minutes (I was literally dead tired on my feet). 

My oldest daughter, Kayla, has decided to marry the love of her life, Jesse.  She tells us this Wednesday that it is happening Saturday (tomorrow).  Gulp!  Thus the lack of shut eye.....oh how I miss my sleepy slumberland! 

Luckily I've still been doing my workouts (all but the disaster from this morning, Oy!)  which is good but when you don't get your sleep, the results aren't going to come as easily.  (duly noted!!) 

So, I'm hoping for good weather tomorrow for Kayla and Jesse's wedding day and for some good "shut eye" for mom! 

Here's to the next workout!


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