Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Day 10 Peak Fit Challenge

I am so loving these new workouts by Michelle Dozois! 

Today was Cardio Strength 1, which she had made along with Cardio Interval Burn, as stand alone workouts prior to making this complete set.  When she made the Peak Fit Challenge, she remade this with a new cast so even though I recognize the moves, it feels new to me (but I am still looking just as soaked as ever, ha!).

You go through 5 sets of metabolic training.  Basecamp gets you started, ascent is where you grab your weights and perform multifunctional weight training, climb is the cardio portion and peak is the all out intensity, "want to grab the 'ole bucket"!  (see a clip of the 2010 version over at Collage Video where it was rated 5 stars:  http://www.collagevideo.com/workout-video/michelle-dozois-peak-10-cardio-strength-5899

My goose is cooked (and I'm loving it)!  I really like how all of these workouts engage the core so much that it is constantly being worked.  Two thumbs up for tighter middles!! 

    keep reaching for your "Peak"

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Core & more

Day 4 of Peak Fit Challenge.....

Aah, a little core and relaxation today!  I did a brief 10 minute walk this morning to get myself warmed up and then popped in the Core Dynamics workout.  (little did I know that it would pack such a punch)  And, must I say, the band is used in such unique ways to add some resistance.  I loved all the oblique work......crunch, crunch, CRUNCH! 

After work I finished the 2nd workout intended for today, Dynamic Flexibility.  It too uses the band to enhance the stretches.  The workout had a nice "flow" to it and as the title suggests, Michelle utilizes dynamic stretching so the moves aren't held forever.  (just long enough to get out the tightness and feel wonderful) 

So far these workouts are great.....

    keep reaching for the "Peak"

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Give me some "band" attitude!

Wow!  I just finished day 3 of Peak Fit Challenge workout Pure Strength 1 and I must say that band gives a whole new dimension to strength training!  The concentric and eccentric motions are really felt (or meaning "I felt truly weak ha") as the band is really taut and remains that way for both the contraction and during the release.  Ouchie!!  I could barely move that thing! 

This workout kept moving...nonstop!  I was sweating (lots) by the ends but I still felt that each muscle group was worked well.  You work each muscle group with 2 sets.  The first set is back work followed by chest.  Then you'll repeat the exercises one more time.  (sometimes shoulders & core are sprinkled throughout the sets for an additional "surprise" but if I can get the shoulder definition like Michelle, count me in!!)  Then you'll move onto Legs followed by Shoulders/Arms.  Again, repeating each twice through.  The first time through each set I was trying to figure out my weights, etc but by the 2nd time through I knew what was ahead and was ready!

So far I am enjoying this set. 

Yesterday was Pure Cardio.  That was pure fun!  Lots of kickboxing influence mixed with some old school aerobics!  Two thumbs up for me!  I burned about 396 calories in 45 minutes....not too shabby in my book! 

   See you at the top!! 

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Reaching for MY peak!

Today I started the Peak Fit Challenge workout dvds http://www.peakfitchallenge.com/.....I love Michelle (http://www.michelledozois.com/), such an awesome instructor and tons of energy!  I am doing the entire 8 week rotation. 

Today is Day 1.  Instead of the Fit Challenge, I decided to do my most favorite, most often used workout of last year--Cardio Interval Burn.  All the same moves, just a few new cast members with the same great enthusiasm!  LOVED IT!  I burn tons of calories with this workout! 

I can't wait to progress with this series.  The moves are innovative and well thought out.  Due to my weird, "split work schedule" my diet won't have all the mini meals like the program calls for however I'm going to keep my calorie range about 1400-1450 per day and try to keep my carbs/proteins/fats in the desired percentage range.  (using my bodybugg every day to keep me honest on my calories in vs calories out---if you don't have a bodybugg, they are the BEST way to know exactly where you stand every day) 

I am hoping to lose 12-16 pounds during the 8 week program.  (hey, if lose more that is just icing on the hypothetical cake, lol) 

See you at the peak!


Friday, May 13, 2011


We all make 'em....choices!  Every single day we decide to do this or do that but if you want to hit a certain goal (or get into that new pair of jeans), you need to be diligent.  You see, the choices we DON'T MAKE are as important as the ones we DO!! 

You have a choice to exercise or skip it, eat that piece of cake or just a piece of fruit---get the picture??  If you aren't making the "right" choices (or non at all), then you aren't moving toward the goal.  Comprende?  And by all means, don't let others do the choosing for you. 

Today I choose to do the right thing.  I'm reevaluating my goals and cutting out the things that won't get me to where I need to be. Tomorrow, it goes into practice.....get ready world, here I come!

So what are you ready for?  It's your choice!! 


Friday, May 6, 2011

Mental exhaustion + physical exhaustion = 1 whipped me!

Sorry I haven't been on here for about a week....it has been a mentally/physically draining week.  I tried (oh how I tried) to complete Asylum's Speed and Agility today but my speed was not up to par and my agility, let's just say when you go into this workout with about 3-4 hrs sleep, it ain't happening!  I had to stop after 30 minutes (I was literally dead tired on my feet). 

My oldest daughter, Kayla, has decided to marry the love of her life, Jesse.  She tells us this Wednesday that it is happening Saturday (tomorrow).  Gulp!  Thus the lack of shut eye.....oh how I miss my sleepy slumberland! 

Luckily I've still been doing my workouts (all but the disaster from this morning, Oy!)  which is good but when you don't get your sleep, the results aren't going to come as easily.  (duly noted!!) 

So, I'm hoping for good weather tomorrow for Kayla and Jesse's wedding day and for some good "shut eye" for mom! 

Here's to the next workout!