Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Core & more

Day 4 of Peak Fit Challenge.....

Aah, a little core and relaxation today!  I did a brief 10 minute walk this morning to get myself warmed up and then popped in the Core Dynamics workout.  (little did I know that it would pack such a punch)  And, must I say, the band is used in such unique ways to add some resistance.  I loved all the oblique work......crunch, crunch, CRUNCH! 

After work I finished the 2nd workout intended for today, Dynamic Flexibility.  It too uses the band to enhance the stretches.  The workout had a nice "flow" to it and as the title suggests, Michelle utilizes dynamic stretching so the moves aren't held forever.  (just long enough to get out the tightness and feel wonderful) 

So far these workouts are great.....

    keep reaching for the "Peak"

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  1. So glad you're finding these workouts effective. I can't wait to try out the band and work my weak area which would be my core and flexibility. Is the band hard to use?