Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Day 10 Peak Fit Challenge

I am so loving these new workouts by Michelle Dozois! 

Today was Cardio Strength 1, which she had made along with Cardio Interval Burn, as stand alone workouts prior to making this complete set.  When she made the Peak Fit Challenge, she remade this with a new cast so even though I recognize the moves, it feels new to me (but I am still looking just as soaked as ever, ha!).

You go through 5 sets of metabolic training.  Basecamp gets you started, ascent is where you grab your weights and perform multifunctional weight training, climb is the cardio portion and peak is the all out intensity, "want to grab the 'ole bucket"!  (see a clip of the 2010 version over at Collage Video where it was rated 5 stars:  http://www.collagevideo.com/workout-video/michelle-dozois-peak-10-cardio-strength-5899

My goose is cooked (and I'm loving it)!  I really like how all of these workouts engage the core so much that it is constantly being worked.  Two thumbs up for tighter middles!! 

    keep reaching for your "Peak"


  1. Yeah for Peak Fit dvds, can't wait to try them. I sent a money order to the company back on the 4th of May and they haven't received it yet. Strange because shipping usually doesn't take that long, fingers crossed they'll receive it soon so I can try out the workouts. Glad you're enjoying them!

  2. Love your blog and have missed seeing you post!