Sunday, May 22, 2011

Reaching for MY peak!

Today I started the Peak Fit Challenge workout dvds love Michelle (, such an awesome instructor and tons of energy!  I am doing the entire 8 week rotation. 

Today is Day 1.  Instead of the Fit Challenge, I decided to do my most favorite, most often used workout of last year--Cardio Interval Burn.  All the same moves, just a few new cast members with the same great enthusiasm!  LOVED IT!  I burn tons of calories with this workout! 

I can't wait to progress with this series.  The moves are innovative and well thought out.  Due to my weird, "split work schedule" my diet won't have all the mini meals like the program calls for however I'm going to keep my calorie range about 1400-1450 per day and try to keep my carbs/proteins/fats in the desired percentage range.  (using my bodybugg every day to keep me honest on my calories in vs calories out---if you don't have a bodybugg, they are the BEST way to know exactly where you stand every day) 

I am hoping to lose 12-16 pounds during the 8 week program.  (hey, if lose more that is just icing on the hypothetical cake, lol) 

See you at the peak!



  1. Looking forward to reading how you find these workouts. Very excited to get this system when it finally arrives here in the mail.

  2. Susan, you will love them! I am excited about the whole system. Very well thought out--nice & well rounded! I may add in some additional cardio in evenings such as walking, spinning, low impact stepping, etc but I want my main focus to be on this series. :)