Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Give me some "band" attitude!

Wow!  I just finished day 3 of Peak Fit Challenge workout Pure Strength 1 and I must say that band gives a whole new dimension to strength training!  The concentric and eccentric motions are really felt (or meaning "I felt truly weak ha") as the band is really taut and remains that way for both the contraction and during the release.  Ouchie!!  I could barely move that thing! 

This workout kept moving...nonstop!  I was sweating (lots) by the ends but I still felt that each muscle group was worked well.  You work each muscle group with 2 sets.  The first set is back work followed by chest.  Then you'll repeat the exercises one more time.  (sometimes shoulders & core are sprinkled throughout the sets for an additional "surprise" but if I can get the shoulder definition like Michelle, count me in!!)  Then you'll move onto Legs followed by Shoulders/Arms.  Again, repeating each twice through.  The first time through each set I was trying to figure out my weights, etc but by the 2nd time through I knew what was ahead and was ready!

So far I am enjoying this set. 

Yesterday was Pure Cardio.  That was pure fun!  Lots of kickboxing influence mixed with some old school aerobics!  Two thumbs up for me!  I burned about 396 calories in 45 minutes....not too shabby in my book! 

   See you at the top!! 

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  1. Yeah glad the Peak workouts are great. Can't wait to try out strength moves using the band, sound like it's effective.