Monday, April 25, 2011

When you wish upon a star......(nothing happens! Come on people, that is for fairy tales)

Today is my birthday, time to reflect on what I really want and how I'm going to get it.  No amount of "wishing" is going to to make it happen!!  I'm in control of my destiny and I'm going to have to use some "3D":  Determination, Dedication & Desire (and a whole lot of Denise power so maybe it should be 4D, ha!) 

1st step:  I'm giving myself permission to eat.  Say what?  How is that going to help me lose weight?  Well let me tell you, being CONTROLLED my food is NOT the answer!  I want to eat and not worry about every little morsel that passes my lips thinking inwardly "is this going straight to my hips".  If 80% of the time I do well, then 20% isn't so bad.  My disorted view on food lately has gotten me stressed and we all know stress just keeps the weight on.  Food is just fuel, like gas (bad analogy, I know) is to the vehicles.

We all know we use food to celebrate events, ease our sorrows, and just to enjoy life.  This is just the way it is and even though I need to lose a few pounds, I still want to do these things and NOT feel guilty about it!  And you know what?  Today, on my 42nd birthday, I'm giving myself permission to lose weight & do all those things!  Woohoo, how freeing is that!  I mean just look at the first three letters of the word DIEt, enough said right?!

2nd step:  Make some goals.  Easy enough.  Conscious eating, no guilt-check.  Asylum exercise rotation started (and oh am I feeling it), check. 

3rd step:  Check in (so I don't check out!).  I need accountability.  I need to walk the walk to produce my desired results.  My thought on this is to take a picture of my weekly weight every Monday (after whatever the weekend brings, gulp) and post it.  Scary.....heck yes!  Should it keep me in line?  It had better, don't want too many weeks of pure disappointment! 

I'd like to aim for a nice, steady 2lb weight loss.  My anniversary is on 7/25 which is 13 weeks away.  In those 13 weeks I could be 26 lbs slimmer.....Hubby and I will be on vacation that week and he bought me "smokin' hot" sun dress that I want to wear (and I'm sure he'd like to check me out in, lol). 

Since it IS my birthday, enjoy a piece of cake.....and LOVE every minute of it! 


  1. Happy Birthday Denise, I like your 4Ds and steps. The food part is hard isn't it, I found for myself once I stopped thinking about food and what I was eating, I actually lost weight. I now focus on eating good wholesome foods and eating well each day. I find if I put the work in the preparation like making food from scratch and eating lots of fruits, vegs and nuts and good meats and chicken, I can stay in good shape.

    That's exciting you'll have your anniversary and you'll be on holiday in 13 weeks, you'll be smokin hot for sure! Hope you enjoy today and the year brings you lots of happiness, great health, love, plenty of laughter and lots of new fitness dvds!!

  2. Happy Birthday from your "hubby"! Just so everyone knows, you are always "smokin' hot" to me! I love reading your posts. I love you bunches and I know you will do this!