Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Permission to breathe........

Ahh!  Day 5 of Asylum and it is Relief day.  As I stretch into the poses, I begin to realize I've been slacking on my stretching (okay, maybe alot....hanging my head in shame).  I love that Shaun says, as we are guided into the poses, that this isn't "releasing" it is "relief".  I like the analogy.  Yes, we can release things but oh, what a relief it is to do so!  What a breath of fresh air!

Just the act of releasing those things that are weighing you down will provide tremendous relief: tons of weight will be lifted off your shoulders (no more stress baggage, people--kick it to the curb).  Plus the upside of all the exercise is it is a cheap prescription for anxiety.  (gives you a boost of serotonin & endorphins, you know all that "feel good" stuff) 

Feeling better can start here, now....just give yourself permission to breathe! 


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  1. Great post Denise, it really is important to stretch and take time off. I too am bad at the stretching and skip it lots. You've reminded me to stretch and just breathe.