Sunday, April 24, 2011

Bye, bye back fat! Back to Core to the rescue

Day 3 of Asylum and it looks like I've found a favorite:  Back to Core.  The warmup still has lots of jumping jacks (grr) and Shaun uses different arm movements to really get into the back area to increase blood flow for the main workout.  (plus your sucking wind to increase your oxygen, ha!)  After the warmup, the workout uses isometric and other solid exercises to develop strength in the core (which consists of the entire front/back area, think everything working together), hamstrings and glutes.

I still felt it, don't get me wrong...but it was easier ONLY because we didn't have all the cardio components.  Let me tell you when we had to hold a twisting lunge pose "forever" (think of Warrior for all you yogi's) and add pulses and all that, I was a quivering!!  (like one of those Taco Bell dogs and it wasn't pretty)

This workout will be a keeper in my collection and I can see me adding it to other exercise rotations because it really works the back body so well.  (which is often neglected) 

Have a Happy Easter everyone!  I know that I will because of my Lord, Jesus Christ! 

Have a super fit day,


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  1. Happy Easter to you too Denise, the more I read about Asylum, the more tempted I am to cave and buy it. Looking forward to hearing more about all the workouts.