Thursday, April 21, 2011

Leading by example

Just the other day my almost 19 year old daughter, Tiffany, (shown above) decides to start walking/running several days a week.  She then approaches me and asks me for further guidance, wanting me to help her develop a program specific to her needs.  My oldest daughter has also done the same thing, asking for exercise advice. 

You see, my girls have ALWAYS seen their mother working out.  My exercise journey began many, many years ago....  I have fond memories of me being about 12 yrs old, subscribing to all the fitness type magazines I could read and doing all the exercises I could in the privacy of my bedroom.  I would grunt out those sit ups and leg lifts, not because I was fat (I graduated high school at 105 pounds people so that wasn't an issue for me) but because, okay you ready for it.....I ENJOYED IT!  I guess you could say this was the start of my "at home" vidioticy! 

When I graduated high school, my mom and I began working out at a gym (very short lived) but here is where I learned to love the weight training!  I would bring books by such greats as Rachel Mclish and follow their routines.  (people would actually approach me and ask me for advice!)  I didn't realize I was a "fat" skinny 105 because after I started lifting, I literally SHRANK in inches & I packed on 15 pounds of muscle!  I never looked better!  120 lbs of hotness!  Long live weight training!!!

After my short stint with the gym, I got married to my 1st husband (also a short stint, thank goodness), had my 2 beautiful girls but I continued with my daily workouts.  This is where I became a "vidiot"--doing my workouts to exercise videos.  The girls would watch momma do her "dancing" and I'd get my "me" time.  A win/win! 

Now, to the present day, I still get up in the morning and do my daily workouts.  I am glad I've always lead by example that fitness is something of who you are.  It is part of me, like breathing, sleeping, eating. 

So when my girls (or my husband, who God bless him, is wanting to begin to exercise again) or anyone else for that matter approaches me with questions, I gladly share my love of fitness. 

It all starts with one step

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  1. Great post, sounds like you lead a great example for your family. I discovered fitness dvds in 2007 after ending a really bad relationship and I needed to zone out. I started with the Firm dvds, Michelle Dozois's Your Best Body Breakthru dvds and never looked back. My collection of fitness dvds keeps building. You're right too after I discovered weights, my body shape changed for the better.